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It is obligatory for every business operating in the Emirates to prepare their annual tax report and submit their tax returns for Value Added Tax (VAT). This process allows the UAE government to identify the amount of VAT collected and paid by the entity to the tax authority during the course of a specified time period.

In addition, submitting tax returns is mandatory for all businesses in the UAE that are registered for VAT, irrespective of the profit bracket the business falls under or other factors such as the type of sales, purchases, tax, VAT registration, etc.


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Here at Forever Rich UAE, we are experts in accounting, bookkeeping, financial, and tax services. We can help you quickly and effectively prepare the annual tax reports, as well as aid in submitting tax returns for your maximum benefit!

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Tax Return Filing Process

The process for submitting the VAT returns involves filing the taxes electronically through the FTA portal ( Before filing the VAT return form on the portal, you must ensure that you have met all tax returns requirements.

We always recommend seeking assistance from an expert tax agent in Dubai. At Forever Rich UAE, our taxation specialists ensure that you meet the requirements for filing taxes, as well as take care of the tax return submission process correctly and efficiently, in order to guarantee highest returns.

When to File Taxes in Dubai

All businesses that are obligated to register for VAT and submit their tax returns must file VAT returns no later than the 28th date of the month following the tax period specified by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). In addition, the taxable entity is obligated to pay the due tax amount to the tax authority within the specified time period as per the VAT law applicable in the UAE, typically within 28 days of the tax period ending.

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Who Should File Tax Returns in UAE?

All businesses that meet the following criteria are mandated to submit their annual tax return information in the UAE:
• The company and owners are residents of the UAE
• The company delivers goods to/ from the UAE, or services are provided within the UAE
• The annual turnover of goods or the volume of services subject to VAT exceeds 375 thousand dirhams

Preparation of the Tax Report

Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation or plan from a tax perspective. It is wise for every business to plan for their annual tax payment. Doing so will prevent any costly errors in the taxation process. The best FTA Certified Tax Agents in the UAE can dexterously prepare the necessary taxation forecasts, statements, and reports for your business.

Filing for Tax Returns

The VAT Return refers to the document which must be submitted to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on an annual basis by every obligated business. Filing tax returns details how much tax your business has paid out throughout the fiscal year, through every avenue, and details of any output tax due and input tax recoverable. Submission of the tax return is a legal obligation to all businesses that are registered for VAT. An expert tax consulting agency in Dubai will help you through the tax return process for an error-free experience that guarantees the greatest possible tax payback to your business.

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(Tax Agency Number: 30004980) in accordance with the Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures in the UAE which describes the appointment of a Tax Agent, & a Tax Agent’s registration procedure & conditions that must be fulfilled for registering a Tax Agent in the Register.

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